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Property Owner Referral

There are 3 ways you can make a referral to us. Referred clients are still your customers and will promptly be referred back to you should they decide to purchase or sell their property in the future. We also pay you commissions for executed leases and property management referrals.

Referring Agent Information

Property Owner Information

Property Information

How Can I Send a Referral?

  1. Call or Visit our Rental Specialists
    Call or visit one of our Rental Specialists directly and provide the information on the renter or property owner.
  2. Fill out an Online Request
    You can use the form above to send a referral.
  3. Personal Agent Page Link
    Agents may elect to add rental services to their suite of services offered on their Personal Agent Pages or website.

Referral Commissions Paid

The following are Referral Fees paid to Realtors for successful Referrals:
Owner Referral for Property Management: $200 or 25% of our Tenant Placement Commission, whichever is greater
Owner Referral for Tenant Placement Only: $100 or 10% of our Tenant Placement Commission, whichever is greater
Renter Referral: $50
Referral Fees will mailed no later than 25 days after the beginning of the lease to the Broker.